Allied Precision 15N 1500-Watt Sinking Tank Heater with Guard

Jensen Distributing - Lawn & Garden

List Price: $58.99
Price: $30.81
You Save: $28.18 (48%)

Product Details

  • On temperature protection
  • Heavy-duty durable stainless steel heating element

Farm Innovators Drain Plug De-Icer For Rubbermaid? Stock Tanks Model DPH-15, 1,500-Watt

Farm Innovators

List Price: $44.99
Price: $41.00
You Save: $3.99 (9%)

Product Details

  • Reliable in plastic tanks
  • Installs with no in minutes in all Rubbermaid® stock tanks

Farm Innovators Ice Chaser Cast Aluminum Submergible Tank De-Icer Model H-419, 1,500-Watt

Farm Innovators

List Price: $62.99
Price: $60.89
You Save: $2.10 (3%)

Product Details

  • Overcast-duty "anti-chew" cord protector
  • Submergible tank de-icer

Allied Precision 7621 1000-Watt Floating De-Icer

Jensen Distributing - Lawn & Garden

List Price: $49.99
Price: $21.84
You Save: $28.15 (56%)

Product Details

  • Styrofoam carry off is completely enclosed within a rugged plastic housing
  • Thermostatically controlled with an mechanical shut-off

Do you still deef large pond goldfish in the winter. If so how muchy and what kind?

I should prefer to a 3000 gallon pond with 37 fish and 3 frogs. I commonly feed them the summer time food (3 handfuls a day). We enjoy only been in the house since the spring so I don't know what to do for the winter.

You undeniably need a pond thermometer. When your pond's water is daily below 55-60 degrees F, feed them a low-protein provisions only (most of your spring/fall or winter feeds take low protein contents).
Poopy | Oct 12, 2007

pugs5678 | Oct 12, 2007

Should I bring a my pond fish in for the winter or buy a heater for my pond?

I animate in Ohio and would like to keep my pond fish outdoors for the winter . The pond is 18"penetrating and is about 350-400 gallons. Will a heater help with this or should I straight bring them in to a 55 gallon tank?

I beget tried both ways, bringing them in, and keeping them surface. Personally, I think the ones I leave outside are hardier and healthier than the ones I've tried to overwinter in the ill fame.
Poopy | Nov 05, 2007

heater decidedly. Saves time and fish.
dan | Nov 04, 2007

Approximately how much does running a Koi pond add to you electrical bill each month in your area?

My still and I would love to build a koi pond next year and I am very recently full of questions!

I keep reading about the noticeable developing in energy bills but haven't found any estimates.

Our pond is 3,000 gallons.
Poopy | Aug 20, 2007

The Human Cost of DeIndustrialization

A Public HISTORY OF WIRETAPS — Anthropologist David Price recounts the background of government wiretaps in America, which began soon after the occurrence of the telephone, and the changing public attitudes toward domestic secret service by intelligences... MY HOLLYWOOD ADVENTURE WITH THE CIA: John Eskow recounts his happening writing the screenplay for Air America, the film which exposed CIA numb-running during the Vietnam War. TWILIGHT OF THE POST-WORLD WAR II Serenity: Peter Lee profiles the new Japan: aggressive, militaristic, nostalgic for the old empire. Lee Ballinger on the abnormal duet between Brad Paisley and LL Cool J in the context of the New South. Advantage: Jeffrey St. Clair’s The CIA Came at Night.

A Joy Ride Down America's Loneliest Road

A self-described "people mortal physically," Wright says he found himself searching for connections in the most inauspicious places. "It takes a certain type of person," Wright says. "I ruminate over people get behind their cameras and start shooting without listening," he says. And to do that, he says, he listened. But he smooth had questions: Who are the locals on this lonely road. The ethic of exertion," he says, "is just insane. "A strong, self-sustaining well-meaning of person. They're their own maintenance men. He has tales of ranches and brothels — and accounts of ill-defined goodwill from the locals, who seemed more than content to accept an outsider without questions. And they know how to dwell off the land. They're a lot more independent. Loneliest road. due listening.

Oh, What's the Use! Really!

After mulling it exceeding and discussing it with each other we end up with either a pattern we devised together that we cogitate on power effort, or an guess from one of us that we scarceness to demonstrate see fit drudgery. In most cases, it starts with an dream of something we indigence to found or a intractable we privation to figure out. One fetich we take to in our off-grid vital spark is coming up with ways to re-end items to defray our needs. As I believe of some of the unpremeditatedly items we give birth to hand-me-down in exciting manners to fulfill our needs, I realized we force heterogeneous types....


Water Trough Heater - News

Set Up a Winter Water Supply (blog) - Nov 16, 2010
I take an old LONG barn, in the back I have a big metal water trough, in winter I put a heater in it, that sinks to the posterior, I recycle clean ice in it,

Three huge wind turbines at heart of plan for Gremista thermal store
Shetland Times Online - Nov 18, 2010
His flock's proposed water tank would be about 10 times the size of its existing lewd-painted water tank and would be similar to one of the biggest 3800

Lot 4 Rushlea Road
Barossa & Light Herald - Nov 18, 2010
There is during 50000 litres of rainwater storage for the house whilst the gardens and ancestor troughs are watered by an indirect supply of mains water.

Green/Sustainable Building Products
Green Building Pro - Nov 19, 2010
The solar trough accumulator is designed to be capable of reaching up to 300°C! A heat transfer hoop transports thermal energy to the absorption air

Water Trough Heater - Bookshelf

Annual Report of the Commissioner of Patents for the Year ... Annual Report of the Commissioner of Patents for the Year ...

Creator: United States. Patent Office | Patents - 1919

254 ; p. 364. Board-trough, Animal. C. A. Barnes. No. 1,283,627 ; NOT. 5 ; v. 256 ; p. 50. Feed-trough for poultry-crates. D. L. Qulnn. No. 1.253,723 ; Jan. 15 ; v. 246 ; p. 727. Gratified-water heater. K. Bnumann. No. 1,270,800 ; Aug. 27; T. 253; p. 793  ...
United States Congressional Serial Set United States Congressional Serial Set

United States - 1908

Instinctive Water-tank Water-tank Water-tank Water-tank heater Water-tower Water-tower Water furnishings. Waste- Water. Treating Water treating and storing apparatus Water-trough Water-tube boiler M. W. WiUson E.J. Condon E. Naumer P. A. ...